This Could Be Love Candle

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Alkaline Trio inspired candle.

Approximately 40 hours burn time.

SCENT-  Leather & Oudh - A deep woody blend with top notes of bergamot, leather and oudh. Base notes of musk, vanilla and amber.

The matt black jar can also be washed out and re-used for a small plant/cactus or a storage pot for trinkets or stationary.

Taking care of your candle 
On the first burn ensure you burn your candle for 2 hours, allowing the wax to melt all the way to the sides of the jar. This will create a clean and even burn - failure to do this will cause tunnelling which will reduce the burn time of your candle. Before each burn, remember to trim your wood wick. You can purchase our wick cutters to assist with this. There may be some wax irregularities (bubbling or unevenness) after burning which is completely normal and part of the natural burning process of the soy wax.